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Tuesday 13 September 2016

White, recycled wooden floor. Light coming from the windows, open view with peaceful harmony colors. Rough metal, authentic linen clothing and textiles creating interesting layers in the store. Everything just melting together in a picture, creating the white scandinavian, soulful mood which we are so proud of,-)

Interiors with lofty vibes, is where we love to move in. Old houses, where you can sense the history. Falling into details, windows, perfect light, bricks in the ceiling, the shape of the stairs. Anything could be telling us, that we have found the "right one".

This masterpiece, BYPIAS Store in Laren was styled and photographed by Paulina Arcklin. She is the goddes of the most soulful white interior styling. She is also behind the pictures of our fashion pictures and lookbooks. Soon, you will find her amazing book named "Soulful White".  Which you can pre-order from our webshop here

                                      Interior styling and photography: Paulina Arcklin
                                      Fashion styling: Pia Erlund, Maarit Kousa
                                      Location: BYPIAS, Pop-up shop Laren, NL
                                      Clothing, interior textiles, accessories BYPIAS.COM

Greetings, PIA

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